Chóngshēng (Rebirth)

At the advice of counselors and other mental health advocates, I have been expressing my feelings through written word for the past several years. When I began writing, I often wrote bland poetry, as I had absolutely no grasp of how to express myself in a more elegant manner. I won’t say I have improved any, however my writing style has changed. Often nowadays I write spoken word, put on paper to be remembered. On the not so rare occasion, that means my social media accounts are bombarded with whatever monstrous feeling that is consuming my mind that particular day. Because of that, I have decided to purge my social media sites and transfer my personal thoughts over to an online blog where there is the option to consume such works. I write in the heat of the moment. In the thick of sobbing and screaming. In moments of laughter and hopefulness. I don’t expect many to see what I share. but I do share freely, and out of a desire for healing and the knowledge that writing has often brought me just that. This is a precarious time in my life. I have had many recent losses and am struggling to find my way once again as I navigate the rough waters of grief, mental illness, and a lack of self awareness. Also as I balance marriage, family trials, and the future unknown. Here will lie the contents of a restless mind that is consumed with emotions, worries and possibilities.

Blessings and Welcome.


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