Wash Cycles

Pain sweeps through me in hot blinding flashes
Overwhelming my senses
The common type of waterfall
Liquid seeps from my eyes, my nose, my pores

Once its has begun it rages away until at long last
It trickles to an abrupt stop
As quickly as it began I return to the other grief
To the soft silence

A place where rawness is deadened by
The dull anger surging within me
That is where I sit now
Once again steeping in the silence

Waiting on the common grief to take
Me over like a lightning strike
Dazed and feeling ashamedly normal
I turn to the tasks at hand

The cycle will continue as time goes on
Its painful and healing all at once
There is nothing left to do now
I’m just waiting

I’m waiting on grief

A.L.O. July 2014


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