On Choosing Love

There are a lot of fantastic people in my life, who are one point or another have told me to cleanse my life of other not so great people.
And to them, my choice to give more chances than people deserve, has been looked down upon as a child’s bad behavior is looked down upon.

But I believe in grace and love.
I believe that no one deserves to have past failures held over them.
If we did, then none of us would deserve to have anyone loving us, because we’ve all made mistakes that we cannot erase. So I face my injuries head on, and I forgive even though its hard to overlook pain that has been caused.

When someone hurts you badly, they don’t deserve to be forgiven. However that is what grace is all about, undeserved forgiveness.

Its not a life choice for everyone. It takes a lot of strength to forgive. Many people cannot deal with their emotions on that level.
But I continue to try, and the people I am surrounded with now are mostly people who also have forgiven me for my past failures and flaws. 
How I live my life in this regard is so different than even a year ago. There is no earning my love anymore. Those I love are who they are, and I love them for simply being. I love them when they are joyful and full of hope and I risk everything to love them in their flawed, angry, sad, vengeful, crazy states.

My aunt is right as she writes, “Maybe the truth is that people are worth it.” Because people are worth it. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but me, but people have value. They will always be worth the potential risk that comes with reaching out to them even after they’ve hurt me. And that’s that.


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