Thoughts about Kittens

For our little fur babies with glistening eyes,
We shall cross our T’s and dot our i’s.
One gentle girl who is covered in stripes,
And her best friend as dark as the night.

Your little paws with claws that prick,
Let us snuggle you up real quick.
Those lion purrs you have are sweet,
And the cutest faces we ever did meet.

Soon you will come home to us,
To cuddle under covers we hope and trust.
Play with your toys and jingle your bells,
Soon we will learn every one of your tells.

So eat your food, grow big and strong,
Soon we will come just chugging along.
Bring you back home let everyone meet ya,
Take it slow though with big sis Sarita.

We already love you, our sweet girls,
If we could we’d deck you with ribbons and pearls.
I likes to snuggle, P likes anything new,
We cannot wait til we get to see you.

But for now we will patiently wait.

We’ll visit to snuggle and cuddle til late.

Aubry Lee Owens October 18th, 2014

Idaho & Purty


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