The Choice of Change

Sure, medication helps.

But its not the cure-all for mental and emotional disorders.

Its a stepping stone to help get things to a more manageable state. Then comes the hard part.
Changing your thought process; choosing to fill your life with positive thoughts and healthy choices no matter what your head may tell you to believe. This is where many people stall in their treatment.
They either don’t understand that they have to put the work in.

They just don’t want to change because its simply too hard and you have to deal with a lot of painful things that have happened in your life and admit that you’ve fucked up & life has been fucked up and choose to overcome all of it. They stay the same, miserable, lifeless people, just surviving, not thriving.
Staying the same doesn’t benefit you or anyone else
All it does is leave you in a life of misery, blaming others for your innermost problems and unhealthy ways of thinking you refuse to deal with.

So don’t be afraid to take medication, and don’t be ashamed to see a counselor that may push you to change your ways of thinking.
It will be the hardest battle you ever fight; to see the potential for joy in your life so you can reach out with both hands and hold it tight.
The rewards that follow will far outweigh the work you will do while you fight for yourself.
You are the only person who can change you.
You are the only person that can choose to seek contentment.
Joy is all up to you. Don’t waste your chances.


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