Can You See Me?

There is not one single worthwhile thought in my head.
Or at least, that’s what i’m going to let you think.
Why bother trying to change your views of me.
I will always be worthless and childish to you.

So I will play dumb. Let you believe what you wish.
Then one day, you’ll be able to see me as I am.
Through the disguise, through the ditziness.
You’ll see that its all to protect myself
Protect myself from people like you.
People who only see what they WANT to see.
Not what is literally standing in front of them.

So if you read this one day, forget me.
Forget everything you know and believe about me.
Start over.
Look with your heart instead of your eyes.

See me in a new light. Realize that I am intelligent, creative, sensory overloaded, passionate, loving, geeky, quick to anger and quick to forgive.
My emotions run wild and that may be a flaw but they give me the ability to love deeply without regret, to feel righteous anger, and to cry til the ache of sadness leaves my body.

My sensitive nature, however annoying to others allows me to see people as they are and not as the masks and routines they hide behind.
The funny thing is, i’m socially inept. Why?

My entire life I’ve been told my greatest strengths were my greatest weaknesses and I avoid using them at all costs and end up looking weak and inept.
So that’s where I am today. Letting you believe what you will about me, and playing a waiting game.

No one will change your mind for you… but you.


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