Helping Hands

Late night musings from the late Spring of 2014.

The opposite of depression is not happiness, as is commonly assumed
But vitality which is described as; strength… will… energy… life

I’ve been deciding to find those parts of vitality to help myself cope.
Sometimes it’s very easy, and other times like the last few days

It seems like i’m oxygen-less in a  black hole

So I decided to list some things that help me when i’m low

New’s unwavering love and steady hands that hold me
Dad’s encouragement even when his day was worse
Lisa and Lani who never give up on me
My lovely Valentine who gives it to me straight, no chaser
Singing. Writing down my feelings and thoughts
AD’s listening ear and comradery
My sister’s acceptance and support
Laughing with my Mom til our sides ache
Talking to strangers about how precious life is
Crazy friends showing up in unexpected places


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