Spoken Word : A Story of Flames

Blinded by emotions I can’t subdue
My mind races into a raging inferno
Hoping no one around me is burned
I recede into a shell of myself until the flames die down
Before too long, the paper thin shell burns away
I’m left standing in the charred ruins of my life
All that’s left to do is…. clean up the mess
Wondering why I waited til the inferno blazed hot
Instead of dousing it when it was but a single flame
But there is no relief in the why
No explanation to erase the damage
There are only choices left
To fight the incoming fires
Or to stand back and watch the flames burn bright
Its easy to stand back and watch everything burn
Its what I’ve always done, lay down like a dog and submit
But no longer a dog, I haul myself up out of the ashes
I have a bone to pick…… with myself
I decide that my story won’t end with this
This is not what I will be known for, losing
It is a time for overcoming, a time for fighting
A time to let nothing dissuade me from dousing
Red hot coals as they smoke and start to become
Small licks of flames quickly shriveling up the tinder
Trying once again to take root into the kindling
I didn’t give you permission to burn


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